Tuesday at 9:15am & Tuesday/Wednesday at 6pm – connect, flow, breathe

This is an online class via Zoom.



Join this fun small group and enjoy the fresh air and changing seasons.

Chair Yoga

Movement & Meditation class on Thursday mornings at 9:15am focused on gentle exercises that take into consideration individual needs.

This is an online Zoom class.


I have enjoyed attending various classes with Lauren, including Backyard yoga, Fundamental Yoga plus Meditation and Movement. Lauren offers regular encouragement, support and modifications to assist all of her clients. Her positive manner and knowledge of fitness and yoga practices, makes her an exemplary instructor. I always feel fit, motivated and energized upon competing one of Lauren’s classes and would highly recommend you try one as well!!

Sharon C.

I am not a big exercise fan, but after taking some classes with Lauren, I grew into one. She makes the classes fun and interesting. What I love best? Interspersed with the hard physical work are Lauren’s lovely little asides about life which are always positive and uplifting. I always leave her classes not only stronger physically but also stronger spiritually and emotionally. Thanks Lauren!


Tricia B.

Lauren was our fitness teacher for years and she is a wonderful, warm hearted, joyous person – a delight to be in her class! She knows her stuff and is able to put instructions across easily for her students to follow. Her music is always upbeat too and she has the ‘best smile’!! You can’t miss by taking any class from her!


Tracy T.

Lauren in yoga posture "4"

Lauren Singleton

Lauren believes strongly in the power of yoga as a tool for self-healing and strives to engender that belief in her teaching. 

Classes for every level of experience

4 adults out for a Fit Walk in the Fall


Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings.
An excellent active class for everyone.

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LIVE on Zoom Tuesday mornings @ 9:15am and Tuesday/Wednesday evenings @ 6pm.
For anyone new to Yoga or enjoys a Level 1 Vinyasa class.

Class schedule

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